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10 Quotes to Help You Look Beyond Your Present-Day Challenges

Life can be so heavy at times, making it hard to see past the challenges of today. As Latter-Day Saints we try to keep an eternal perspective, knowing that the trials and tribulations we experience today will help us grow into something infinitely better, but the truth is: that can be hard when you’re right in the thick of it all.

There is no doubt that no one has a magic wand to make all the hard stuff disappear, but we certainly lighten each other’s loads simply by finding little ways to help each other look beyond our present-day challenges.

One of our favorite ways is by sharing inspirational quotes that we hope will give you faith in the future and no one is more inspiring than our very own Meg Johnson, so we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite “Meg quotes” from her latest motivational talk Glide Through Life: Looking Beyond Your Present-Day Challenges.

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“When we show love for the world around us, we can take ourselces from being so sad to the point of tears to so happy to the point of tears. -Meg Johnson

“Sometimes we want to postpone our joy for when a trial is over, but why wait?” -Meg Johnson

“I can still be happy.” -Meg Johnson

“There’s always something to be grateful for.” -Meg Johnson

“Whatever you focus on will grow.” -Meg Johnson

“Heavenly Father, please bless me with love for everything I see.” -Meg Johnson

“We could GLIDE seamlessly through life if we would just be grateful for the things we have.” -Meg Johnson

“On the other side of ‘awful’ you will discover a new you and a new perspective .” -Meg Johnson

“I was as grateful as I could be.” -Meg Johnson

“Why wait until things are over to be happy when you could be happy right now?” -Meg Johnson

All quotes taken from Meg Johnson’s latest full-length talk “Glide Through Life: Looking Beyond Your Present-Day Challenges“. Click here to listen to the full talk with a FREE 7-day trial of the Our Turtle House App.

Audrey Baugh spent 15 years of her professional career as an inspirational singer/songwriter and motivational speaker. Now, she happily dedicates her time writing, designing, networking, and managing the marketing content of the Our Turtle House App! Audrey is a wife, a mom, and an avid dog owner who just wants to create pretty things, inspire people, love unconditionally, and eat yummy food.

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