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A Hero’s Journey

Everybody loves a hero.

Strength. Determination. Courage. Security. Confidence. Supernatural powers.

There’s  something inside each of us that wants to become a little bit more like the hero of a story we’ve heard “once upon a time.”

So what does it take to become a hero?

Probably not a perfect life. Probably not a lot of money. Probably not a natural-born instinct that allows us to slide through life with ease.

No. Probably not.

Actually, the most common factor of what makes a hero a hero is pretty much the same exact same concept that creates the most vilest of villains.  The concept can be summed up in one little word:


Pain. Disability. Loss. Sorrow. Grief. Loneliness. Fear.

While every villian of every story chose, at some point, to succumb to the depths of a life-altering struggle, every hero has chosen to overcome one.

And so can you. 

You see…there’s a little bit of hero in us all.

Because you are a child of God, an eternal Father in Heaven, you have already been blessed with some pretty impressive supernatural powers.

I mean, you might not be able to fly or create alternate universes, but you have real spiritual strengths that others can literally see.

You hold within you a determination to rise above whatever your heartache may be. You alone can create security and instill confidence into those around you.

You can save and you can endure and you can become the best hero of your very own story, but it takes a journey, a story, a struggle, a choice to get there.

You CAN be a hero but, really, you already ARE one.

Where will your journey take you?

We’ve found some episodes from the Our Turtle House App that will help you learn to discover the hero within yourself. Click on the picture below to open each episode directly in your Our Turtle House App.

Courageously face the things that fear you most in life. (Be The Hero of Your Story, Nate Bagely, Armor Up)
Why do we love stories about Spiderman, Harry Potter, and Star Wars? It isn’t because everything goes right for the characters...It’s because just like in your life, lots of times things go wrong! Join Mark Williams as he talks about how the stories we tell ourselves about the hard things we experience are exactly what enable us to live a great life. (The Hero's Journey, Mark Williams, Turtle Talks)
Change doesn't often happen overnight, even when we want it to. This episode helps us remember how (and when) to give others space as they work through the process of change. (Giving Others Space for the Process of Change, Hank Smith, Hank Helps)

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