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How to Cope with Death and Grief

Is there anything more difficult in this life than dealing with the death of someone you love?

While we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, believe in eternal life and we believe that we will someday be reunited with the loved ones that have passed before us, it doesn’t necessarily make death any easier.

Nor does it necessarily speed up the grieving process.

Whether they’re young or old, a death is still a sting for those alive and sometimes it takes a while for that sting to fade away.

We’ve found some episodes from the Our Turtle House App that we believe will help you as you learn to cope with death and grief. Click on the picture below to open each episode directly in your Our Turtle House App.

When we or those we love have to face death, we don't need to be afraid. We can remember that the gospel has shown us that there is hope beyond the sting of death. (The Fear of Death, Hank Smith, Armor Up: Daily Devotionals)
Despite the pain of losing her daughter, Lindsey Bitner Preston chooses to see the countless blessings, understanding, and compassion show to her family, giving her opportunities to bless the lives of others! Join Carmen Herbert as she interviews Lindsey on the Doing Good Podcast. (Losing a Daughter, Lindsey Bitner Preston, Doing Good Podcast)
Hank Smith shares the difficult, tear-jerking, yet deeply personal talk he gave at his father's recent funeral. (Today Is A Good Day, Hank Smith, Hank's Helps)

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