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Do You Suffer From F.E.A.R.?

What kind of F.E.A.R. do you wrestle with?

Are you more of a TRADITIONAL F.E.A.R. kind of person? You know, the kind where you have a thought that appears to be real but turns into a lot of thoughts that ultimately take over your mind, causing you to think things that are untrue. Someone who experiences TRADITIONAL F.E.A.R. is a person who imagines the worst case scenario.

Laman and Lemuel were TRADITIONAL F.E.A.R.-ers. They went from zero to “we’re all gonna die” in nothing flat. They were so caught up in the “what ifs” that they refused to progress.

Maybe you’re more of the TREADMILL F.E.A.R. type. These are people who keep doing whatever they’re doing because they’re so filled with fear of what might happen if they stop. They don’t repent…which means they don’t change. They just keep running through habitual motions, but never make any progress toward Heavenly Father.

So what exactly is F.E.A.R. and why do we hold on to it? According to motivational speaker Kevin Clayson:

F.E.A.R. is a lie, a deception, a tool of suppression.

And Satan knows it.

Is it any wonder that the scriptures are filled with references encouraging us to “fear not”? Angels declared it to the shepherds. Isaiah preached it to his people. Jesus commanded it of His disciples.

So how to we combat it?

Last Sunday we hosted an Our Turtle House Digital Fireside about choosing faith over fear. During the presentation, we heard three powerful stories from three powerful speakers (Leslie Householder, Kevin Clayson, and Ann Ferguson) teaching us how we, too, can overcome F.E.A.R. in difficult times.

The magic cure:


Faith that is fueled and sustained by righteous action. Productive action. Hard-working action with the intent of progressive motion.

Faith in the unknown. Faith in the future. Faith in the Savior and His promises to us.

F.E.A.R. can confound us. But when we choose to overcome fear with faith, miracles will happen.

And isn’t it about time for a miracle in your life?

Have a great week,

Our Turtle House

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