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7 Talks to Help You Create a Spirit of Inclusion

Here’s a challenge for you: scroll through your social media and see how long it takes for you to find 5 people who look different than you. 

Pretty easy, right?

Now, think of all your neighbors and see how long it takes to find someone who believes differently than you do.

Maybe a little bit harder, but still didn’t take very long, did it?

Finally, imagine that you’re standing in line at your local grocery store. How long would it take for you to find someone with a different sexual orientation or someone from a different country or even someone with a different bank account balance than you. 

These examples are just a few of the infinite ways we, as humans, can be vastly different from each other. Diversity is everywhere and what a beautiful thing it is! When we learn to accept and embrace our differences, the more we open ourselves to possibilities of love and camaraderie. 

And when we embrace each other’s uniqueness and bond in camaraderie, we ultimately create a spirit of “inclusion”.

Listed below are 7 talks that will help you embrace diversity and navigate your way into a more inclusive mindset.

Appreciating Our Differences
Dennis Schleicher, Ganel-lyn Condie, Ronell Hugh
Digital Firesides

Three talks, one link.

 Our differences are what gives us strength, and our strengths are what makes us a community. Learn how to appreciate your differences and embrace the differences of those around you.

Watch all 3 talks here on Youtube.

Love and Support to The LGBTQ+ Community
Tom Christofferson
Doing Good Podcast

The very best ways to support the LGBTQ+ in your community might not be as difficult as you may think! Learn how to break the stigma and love your fellow members more unconditionally with these simple tips from a church member’s inside perspective. 

Listen here on the app.

Bridging The Gaps
Ganel-Lyn Condie
Turtle Talks

How do you deal with the “gap: between where you are today and where you want to be? We learn to accept ourselves for where we are. Join Ganel-lyn for an inspirational perspective on how Christ can help us safely bridge the gaps in our lives.

Listen here on the app.

God Didn’t Change Me
Charlie Bird 
Digital Firesides

What is it like to “wait on the Lord” as a gay member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Former BYU Mascot, Charlie Bird, helps us see through the lens of a gay man’s perspective as he details his wrestle to get to a point of self-acceptance.

Watch here on Youtube.

Questions from The Closet
Charlie Bird & Ben Schilaty
Doing Good Podcast

What does being gay look like through the eyes of a BYU adjunct professor and a former BYU mascot?  Ben and Charlie talk openly about their perspective on “coming out” in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, how to apply the atonement in from a gay’s perspective, and learning to live and love unconditionally just like the Savior did. 

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    I think that this is great and I would also like to understand the need for ‘Coming out’. Why make it an issue at all?

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