You are currently viewing 5 Episodes to Help You Talk About Modesty

5 Episodes to Help You Talk About Modesty

As a parent, there are several topics that are hard to approach. Because of the many conflicting messages that our children are bombarded with, many topics seem to become “hands-off” or taboo. Yet, these are still things our children need desperately to hear. 

Like the subject of modesty.

With our ever-changing culture, how does one even begin to discuss such a sensitive topic! Better yet, how do we help our children to receive their own personal revelation that will inspire them to choose positive standards for themselves? (HINT: the way you deliver your message is usually just as important as the message itself.) 

Many of the Our Turtle House speakers have offered their insight and experience on how to help you talk with your teens. Here are five episodes to help you on your task. 

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Your Armor Tells Your Story
by Jeannette Bennett

By putting on the armor of God, we are telling ourselves where we stand and testifies to others what we believe. Writer/publisher Jeanette Bennett shows us how to tell our story through the simple, everyday choices of both our outward and inward appearances.

Revelation Personal to You
by Rachel Rhien Tucker

Why would God give one answer to one person, but another answer to another person? Today Rachel Rhien Tucker shares the stories of two righteous people in the scriptures, and talks about why God gives personal revelation meant just for you.

How Can I Help You
See Your Value?
by Hank Smith

If you’re going to make an important life decision, it’s statistically made between the ages of 14-24 years old. In his new full-length talk, Hank Smith’s purpose is to help youth recognize that: 1. They need our help. 2. They have our help. 3. They are so much more valued than they could ever imagine.

Inspiring Good Relationships
and Behavior
by Brigitte & Jason Shamy

What is the cost of doing what you want to do? Today Carmen talks with Brigitte and Jason Shamy of Sexy Modest Shopping about raising children, how to inspire good behavior from your kids, and creating core memories that help them find their “way back” when they stray from the path in life.

Judging Other People
by Hank Smith

You. Your friends. Your mother-in-law…we are all a work in progress. Hank Smith reminds us why its important to not judge those we come into contact with and what to do instead.

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