You are currently viewing The Four Gospels: a new podcast series by Hank Smith

The Four Gospels: a new podcast series by Hank Smith

Take your 2023 Come, Follow Me study on an academic “deep dive” into The Four Gospels of the New Testament!

The Four Gospels, a brand-new podcast series by  Dr. Hank Smith, will contain 20+ episodes that will give you a thorough understanding of the background, the history, and the culture of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of who these disciples were at their core and why the texts they’ve written are so powerful for your life today. 

Begin your journey with a brief introduction and “history lesson” of how the bible came to be. In these first two essentials, you’ll develop an awe and understanding of the commitment of the early apostles and a deeper respect for the many who sacrificed to bring you the sacred books we now call the New Testament. 

Once you’ve completed those two initial episodes, you’re ready to dive right in!

Get ahead of your gospel study with these first four episodes, available now:

*Available exclusively on the Our Turtle House app. No app? No problem. Try it free here for 7 days.

“The Savior can convert trials into blessings, and he can give you beauty in place of ashes.” Join Hank Smith as he shares an overview and introduction for this deep dive into Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

“The path to eternal happiness the peace of understanding God’s kingdom.” But what if you can’t even understand God’s plan…because you can’t read? This episode dives into an 
A-to-Z history of the English Bible.

When you understand the world the Savior lived in, you’re going to start having so much more perspective from each chapter you read! Take a look at the history of Israel and the world the Savior lived in.

Isn’t it interesting how individualized the Savior teaches? Learn the history of the book of Mark – one of most individually unique books in the four gospels.

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    This is great. I am excited to dig into studying the New Testament and then you put this project up. Im installing and downloading it now on my mobile. You are Awesome Hank. FYI I am an avid listener to your Follow Him yt channel.

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