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Do your children and teens understand the importance of the gospel? Better yet, are they enjoying it? How hard is the adversary working on your family members and are they engaged in personal gospel study - or are they distracted by the world? You already know you can't micromanage your family's every move and thought, and the time you actually do get to spend with them is never enough. And even when you're with them, can your family members hear you over their social media notifications? And it's not like you're not busy, too - how many teaching moments are unnoticed and questions unanswered because your own life gets in the way? A lack of gospel application is already taking its toll on your family - are you ready to take it back?

In Our Turtle House, laughter and learning go hand-in-hand and your kids (yes, even the teens!) will love the fresh, new perspective on applying the gospel.

As a Turtle Family Member, you will be able to…







A brand new, full-length Turtle Talk released exclusively to Our Turtle House Members every month!

Dozens of live-recorded, full-length talks from your favorite speakers are now in the Our Turtle House app. These Turtle Talks are exclusive and you won’t find them anywhere else. The speakers are John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, Hank Smith, and others equally funny, inspiring, and insightful. The Turtle Talks will have your family laughing, learning, and loving the gospel!


Happiness 101 Course

Happiness 101 is the best available course for teaching the skills to be happy. In this 10-module course, students watch videos, complete challenges, and participate in activities designed to strengthen their hold on those elusive happy feelings. This online course is valued at $197, but is included free in Our Turtle House.

Bytheway Podcast

World-renown speaker and author of dozens of books, John Bytheway, shares his thoughts during this weekly podcast. John is constantly entertaining and enlightening audiences around the world and Family Members of Our Turtle House will have easy access to his wisdom and insight. *Updated Weekly!

Come Follow Me Lessons

Nourish your family with a ready-to-go spiritual feast! Our Turtle House offers THREE lessons (for families, teens, or kids) to help teach the Come Follow Me scripture blocks using fun activities, clever object lessons, and ready-to-print worksheets. *Updated Weekly!

Armor Up

Armor Up is a mini-morning devotional that inspires the youth in preparation for the day ahead of them. This spiritual blast enables the future generation to put on the full armor of God before the day’s temptations really start to kick in. Armor Up helps to ultimately create long-lasting spiritual teenage triumph! *Updated Daily!

Hank Helps Podcast

Best-selling speaker and author, Hank Smith, shares his witty wisdom in his podcast, Hank Helps: An Exploration of Family, Friends, and Faith. This inspirational (and totally funny) podcast will have you laughing and learning new insights as you gain understanding into the topics that matter most to you. *Updated Weekly!

Scripture Power Videos

Scripture Power videos are short interviews that showcase your favorite artists, authors, speakers, entertainers (and more!) as they share meaningful scripture passages that have blessed them in their lives, offered help, answers, and insights, or simply brought them peace during troubled times. *Updated Weekly!

Trial Tips Videos

In each of these powerful videos, Meg Johnson discusses the lessons learned from life and the scriptures that teach us the skills to help us all hold on tighter to happiness, no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) in our lives. These tips go hand-in-hand with the Happiness 101 Course. *Updated Weekly!

Doing Good Podcast

Doing Good is an uplifting collection of conversations with a variety of people who share what they do to maximize their potential and do the good they came to do in this life. Hosted by American Idol Finalist, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert. This podcast inspires all to do the good they came to do! *Updated Weekly!

Digital Firesides

The Our Turtle House Digital Firesides are packed with your favorite speakers, authors, singers, athletes, and anyone you’ve ever wanted to hear from. This collection of testimonies covers a wide range of gospel topics. The Our Turtle House Digital Firesides will soften even the hardest shell! *Updated Weekly!

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In Our Turtle House, laughter and learning go hand-in-hand and your kids (yes, even the teens!) will love the fresh, new perspective on applying the gospel.

As a Turtle Family Member, you will be able to…

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My children (and my husband and I) all have learned so many gospel principles from your engaging, relevant, powerful, heartfelt talks, podcasts, videos, lessons, and courses. This website is the best $9 I spend all month. The talks alone are worth that.

Stephanie S.


For anyone thinking of subscribing to Ourturtlehouse, it is well worth the cost. I don't always get to the presentations in a timely manner, but they are always there when I need them. So much in site and wisdom from hank, John and Meg. Love listening to the presentations, and podcasts. Thank you Hank, John and Meg for all the work you do preparing them. It is so helpful, and brightens my day. You guys are wonderful.

Kathie M.


Just signed up and absolutely love the content I've explored so far... thank you for providing this site!

Jenny R.


We joined this morning and have been listening to wonderful and uplifting talks all day! This is an awesome resource and perfect for our family, thank you!

Crystal H.


As I look at my STACKS of all the cds that I purchased in the past - I'm sure I have EVERY one - I feel so fortunate to get a new talk every month, on TOP of the other great content.

Jo Ann C.


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  • Trial Tips Videos
  • Hank Helps Podcast
  • Teaching Helps Videos
  • Scripture Power Videos
  • BYTHEWAY Podcast
  • Have You Read This?!

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It is true that the awesome Our Turtle House content is published solely online, but there are still costs associated with it. The Turtle Talks have to be filmed and edited before they can be published.  In fact, all of the content – the podcasts, videos, and articles – has to be edited after it’s recorded, which means we have a lot of editors working hard to ensure the content goes out weekly! There are also costs to host the app on different platforms for different types of phones. But even though all of these costs add up, it isn’t as much as publishing something for a book store, so even though the content is equally inspiring to what you’d find in the stores, we don’t charge store prices and we pass the savings on to you!

Yes. The amount of content in Our Turtle House is significant. The dozens of Turtle Talks alone, if purchased separately at a bookstore, would be well into the hundreds. Plus Our Turtle House has hours and hours of other video and audio. All of the content would actually be rather expensive if purchased elsewhere separately (which you can’t do anyway because all of it is exclusive). But the modern day technology has allowed the publication costs to be so much less! There are still a lot of costs associated with filming, recording, and publishing the content, but to do it all digitally saves a lot of money, and those savings are passed on to you!

The majority of the content in Our Turtle House is 100% exclusive. You will not find the Turtle Talks, lesson plans, and the majority of podcasts and videos anywhere else.

We get the best of the best! In the Our Turtle House app you’ll hear from John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Hank Smith as well as from others who are equally as entertaining and fun as they teach the gospel.

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