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Harmony is Being
Different Together

John Bytheway

We each bring different backgrounds, experiences and skills into our marriages – and that’s okay! In this uplifting audio presentation, popular speaker and author, John Bytheway teaches how we can learn to harmonize – and be different together!


Creating a
Sanctuary of Faith

Meg Johnson

How do we bring the feelings of the temple home with us? Author, speaker, and mom, Meg Johnson, offers five simple solutions for transforming your home-sweet-home into a sanctuary of faith that truly can rival the temple.


Modern-Day Parenting

Hank Smith

We don’t need to go to faraway places in order to find purpose because our family, our most important calling, is right in front of us. In Modern-Day Parenting, author and speaker, Hank Smith, teaches the critical basics for keeping a fan family and a happy home.


Oh, That’s Bad.
No, That’s Good!

John Bytheway

Sometimes the bad things life offers are really bad. Or wait, are they good? In Oh, That’s Bad. No, That’s Good! John Bytheway shares how what might seem to be the “bad” things that happen to us often turn out to be blessings in disguise!


5 Tips to Keep Smiling
through the Sad

Meg Johnson

Meg Johnson has discovered the secrets to happiness and the motivation to smile – even in the middle of minor-to-major setbacks. 5 Tips to Keep Smiling through the Sad will have you grinning from ear to ear no matter what weighs heavy on your heart.


The Courage to Love


This insightful story from author, speaker, and influencer, Mark Williams will rekindle the power of love within your family.


Basic Doctrine "Matching Game" & "Word Search"

The gospel principles can be summed up into just 9 Basic Doctrines. Teach these simple doctrines to your family with a game night that will help them discover what they are – while having a good time in the process! These fun games can easily be adapted for all ages.


Get organized with this Family Night Binder Starter Kit!

This kit includes printable pages that you insert into a binder of your choice. These pages will help guide your family to create a Family Shield, develop a Family Motto, adopt a Family Theme, and document your Family Rules. Additionally, there is a page to help with Child Interviews and will enable parents to organize their thoughts and their child’s needs into one place.

Using the Family Night Binder each week will help you develop a strong bond between family members, feel more family unity and increase your love as you draw closer together as a family.

BONUS BINDER PAGES: We’ve also included nine coloring pages for children that detail the Basic Doctrines. Keep these in your family night binder to help teach lessons, answer questions, teach your children, and strengthen your home with truth!