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Navigating Life-Changing Experiences

Marriage. Divorce.

Birth. Death.

New job. Job loss.

Back-to-school. Graduation.

Pandemic. Peace.

We live in time of constant evolution, where the only thing that’s consistent about life is it’s rapid momentum of change.

Some changes are small and seemingly insignificant while some are of more gargantuan proportions. 

Yet, as we’ve seen recently small changes can turn into big obstacles in the blink of an eye, making even the smallest of changes every bit as difficult to navigate as the bigger ones.

Here are some other really great tips for cheering up the lonely from some of our Our Turtle House episodes. Click the pictures to open the episodes directly on your Our Turtle House app!

When life doesn't go as planned, it's always important to learn to KNOW The Savior and not just KNOW OF Him. Join Joe Cochran, Ben Shilaty and Mark Williams for this inspiring Digital Fireside. (When Life Doesn't Go As Planned, Joe Cochran, Digital Fireside)
How can you deal with all the uncertainty of life when it feels like there’s so little you can actually hold on to? Filled with scriptures and stories, this full-length talk will uplift you as you navigate the uncertainties of life without feeling a need to fear. (A Pandemic Without Panic!, John Bytheway, Turtle Talk)
Trials can sometimes create an imability to work If this happens to you, here are some tips and tricks you can use to hold onto your "happy" though the hard. (When You Lose Your Ability to Work, Meg Johnson, Trial Tips)

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