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8 Pass-Along Cards That Will Brighten “Their” Day

“They” are the ones who take a deep breath as they walk through the door of yet another long appointment.

“They” are the ones who are attempting to navigate a full cart of groceries while keeping their small children from wandering away.

“They” are the ones whose smile never quite reaches their eyes…

…and “they” are the ones whose do.

“They” are the ones who just parked their car right in front of you.

“They” are the ones who live down the street.

“They” are your friends. “They” are your family members. “They” are strangers and your coworkers and everyone you come into contact with.

When we say these pass-along cards will brighten “their” day, these “they” are who we mean.

Let the Brightening Begin

We’ve gone through and selected some of the most powerful quotes from our most recent full-length Turtle Talks that we think the world should hear. These quotes from motivational speakers Hank Smith, John Bytheway, Dr. Matt Townsend, Meg Johnson, and Ganel-Lyn Condie are sure to inspire anyone who finds them along the way.

Print them, cut them, then snail-mail or hand-deliver them to someone who needs a little “brightening” in their day!

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Audrey Baugh spent 15 years of her professional career as an inspirational singer/songwriter and motivational speaker. Now, she happily dedicates her time writing, designing, networking, and managing the marketing content of the Our Turtle House App! Audrey is a wife, a mom, and an avid dog owner who just wants to create pretty things, inspire people, love unconditionally, and eat yummy food.

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