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9 Resources To Help You Prepare to Go Through The Temple

I love to see the temple
I’m going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit
To listen and to pray
(Children’s Songbook, 95)

The temple really is a holy place, a place of love and beauty…but going to the temple for the fest time can often feel overwhelming. Since so much of what happens inside the House of God is sacred and reverent, we don’t discuss the ceremonies openly outside of the temple. 

For a new temple-goer, this can seem a little intimidating. However, the good news is that, because the temple is a place of learning, you really don’t have to know everything before you go!

Still, it helps to have a few resources to help you along the way.

[cov·e·nant] a sacred agreement between God and a person or group of people

When we were baptized, we chose to make sacred covenants between us and The Lord. As simple as it sounds, making good choices, keeping the commandments, and obeying the counsel of the prophet, are powerful ways you can prepare yourself to make additional covenants that come from going through the temple.

[faith·ful] firm in adherence to promises or in observance of duty

Be faithful as you follow the Spirit when He inspires you to be in the places that you are supposed to be. Go to church. Partake of the sacrament. Be a strong friend and a faithful family member. Fill your life with good things, and do not participate in anything that presents immorality or violence as acceptable in any way. 

[bish·op] the role of the bishop in our lives is to be a teacher—an adviser or counselor

One of the best ways you can prepare to go to the temple, is to tell your bishop you want to go to the temple! Your bishop will help and support you (and find others that will help and support you) along your path. He will help you find answers and resolve any challenges or roadblocks you may find along your journey to the temple.

[sac·ra·ment] an ordinance that is essential part of worship and spiritual development

Partaking of (and, for men, administering) the sacrament is an important part of our temple preparation. As you strive every week to be present in our church meetings and to worthily partake of the sacrament, you are developing a deeper understanding and stronger relationship with our Savior.

[in·vi·ta·tion] a written or verbal request inviting someone to go somewhere or to do something

Explore the temple endowment from three different vantage points: the why, the what,, and the how, so that when you go to the temple—whether for the first time or the hundredth—you can more fully absorb the learning and truth the Lord has in store for you.

Find the book here.

[en·dow·ment] the word endowment means “a gift”; the temple endowment is a gift of sacred blessings from God to each of us.

The prophet Joseph Smith once said, “You need an endowment . . . in order that you may be prepared and able to overcome all things.” Author/artist Anthony Sweat teaches you about the endowment and why it is so important for you in your life.

Watch the speech here.

[sym·bols] if you…remember that the teaching is symbolic, you will never go in the proper spirit without coming away with your vision extended

By divine design, rites, rituals, and ordinances are filled with symbolic meaning intended to help us better understand God s Plan. Author Alonzo Gaskill will help you understand the symbols so you can better understand your covenants.

Find the book here.

[mess·a·ges] a significant point or central theme, especially one that has political, social, or moral importance

Daniel Smith is a scriptural historian who has a passion for helping others come closer to Christ. His YouTube playlist “Understanding The Temple” will be especially enlightening as you make connections to what happens inside the temple.

Watch the playlist on YouTube.

[en·joy] take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion)

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when going through the temple for the first time is to just relax and enjoy the overall experience. Don’t feel like you have to remember everything or be perfect at everything. Simply go through the process and allow yourself to learn line upon line as you attend the temple frequently and regularly throughout your life.

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