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12 Scriptures for a Healthy Relationship: Bingo Card

Whether it’s Valentines Day or a anniversary day or just another Tuesday, every day is the best day to start playing 12 Scriptures for a Healthy Relationship Bingo!

The bingo card below perfectly coordinates with Hank Smith‘s podcast miniseries 12 Scriptures for a Healthy Relationship. In this twelve-part series, Hank discusses select verses from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants that he has found useful in strengthening his own relationships. And, while a lot of the discussion in these episodes revolve around marriage and children, the principles could be applied to any form of relationship in their life that needs a little TLC.

To Listen

These scriptures may look familiar to you; you’ve probably heard most of them before…but you’ll be AMAZED at how Hank Smith takes the familiar verses and sheds so much new insight that can help change your relationships forever! Check out some of the feedback from our listeners. 

While these episodes are great to listen to on your own, we highly recommend listening to them with a spouse, parent, adult child, friend, neighbor, or anyone else you might want to improve your relationship with.

▶ Scriptures for a Healthy Relationships are part of the Hank Helps Podcast on the Our Turtle House AppListen to the entire series, beginning here.
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AND…to make the listening a bit more fun, we’ve created a bingo card for you!


1. Right click to download the bingo card below.
2. Open the Our Turtle House App    
3. Click on “miniseries”.
4. Choose which episode to listen to TOGETHER. (For even more fun, take turns deciding!)
5. Mark off each scripture on your card as you go. → See if you can get BINGO together!!! Better yet…go for a full BLACKOUT! ←

ALTERNATE IDEA: Print one card off for each of you. Choose your own episodes and have a “race” to see who can get bingo first! 

Have fun!

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