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The Blessings of Boundaries

Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Desktops.

We live in a technological world where everything is seemingly “smart”: watches, tvs, thermostats, dishwashers…even our fridges have apps on their doors!

If someone wants to be on the internet, they can easily find a way to be on the internet.

What a blessing!

Think of all the benefits of this modern technology. Communication has increased! We have access to unlimited knowledge! Uplifting media, like scriptures and videos and motivational talks, are literally at our fingertips!

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are pro-wisdom, pro-communication, pro-self-control and we believe that Heavenly Father has placed all of these tools on the earth for our benefit and growth but, like the scriptures say, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” (Luke 12:48)

As parents, some of the “much required” involves helping to set healthy boundaries for the “much is given” technology. Our children might fight us and many of them might even try to push the boundaries to reflect what is popular among their peers. However, it is vital for us to help them understand the blessings that can come from setting and maintaining healthy technological boundaries.

Hank Smith has created THREE videos to help you teach your children the blessing of boundaries. Click on the following images to watch or listen to the following episodes on your Our Turtle House App today!

How do you raise healthy kids in a tech-obsessed world? Hank shares some of the resources he and his kids use to make technology a family blessing in stead of a burden. (How to Navigate Raising Kids in a Tech World: Pt 1, Hank Smith, Hank Helps)
The scriptures have many examples of Christ showing us how to set healthy boundaries in order to protect us through our lives. Hank Smith teaches us how to use them in the modern-days. (Setting Healthy Boundaries, Hank Smith, Hank Helps)
"Life is too short to not use the BLOCK function!" In this episode, Hank continues the discussion on how to raise healthy kids in a tech-obsessed world. (How to Navigate Raising Kinds in a Tech World: Part 2, Hank Smith, Hank Helps)

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