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So Happy Together: Marriage Conference

  • Post published:February 21, 2023
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Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most important fundamental unit in society: Your Marriage.

Imagine Me & You

I do.

You’ll walk away hand-in-hand after a fun heart-to-heart experience at our So Happy Together: Marriage Conference. With award-winning speakers John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Matt Townsend, you’ll laugh your way into an even better relationship with your very favorite person.

I Think About You Day & Night

It’s only right.

Our So Happy Together: Marriage Conference will teach you tips and tricks for upping the love and tightening the bonds that hold you and your spouse (and your family) together.

You will surely enjoy the speakers, mostly because they are entertaining and funny, but also because they have profoundly practical advice for upping the love and enhancing your marriage.

But amid all the laughs, the speakers won’t shy away from the important topics (such as intimacy and romance) and you’ll leave with more understanding of your spouse, more hope for your marriage, and more hand-holding than ever before!

I Can’t See Me Lovin’ Nobody but You

For all my life.

So bring that perfect-ish spouse of yours to the funnest, and funniest, date night around and let the rekindling begin at So Happy Together.

  • One night only!
  • Seating is limited. 
  • Double-date and save $$$!
  • Group pricing available. 

➡️ To purchase tickets: visit

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