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Top 10 Motivational Talks by Meg Johnson

Before being paralyzed, Meg was a ballroom dancer and professional party planner. Then a weekend trip changed it all and Meg was paralyzed on March 6, 2004 when she was hiking in Southern Utah. She accidentally jumped off a 40-foot cliff, breaking both of her femurs, wrists, collar bone, and four bones in her neck. She was flown across the state to the hospital where she spent the next four months on a ventilator.

She returned home without the use of her legs, back, stomach, or hands and is a C-7 quadriplegic.

Meg inspires audiences all over the world with her message of hope, happiness, determination, and triumph. Her messages are recorded and shared in several CDs and online audio. She is the author of five books including, When Life Gets Hard, and Always a Princess. Her YouTube channel showcases her abilities and motivates others to appreciate theirs. Meg’s newsletter, Meg’s Monthly Message, is read in over 20 countries across the globe.

Her work as a speaker and an influencer has touched many around the world and today she has released a brand-new full-length talk “Good to Great: Unlocking Help from High”. 

We’ve found some of Meg’s most popular Turtle Talks  from the Our Turtle House App that will keep you rollin’! Click on the picture below to open each episode directly in your Our Turtle House App.

Heavenly help is on the way! Laugh and learn with Meg Johnson as she takes us on a stroll down the halls of the temple and shows us how to unlock the doors of angelic assistance. (Good to Great: Unlocking Help from on High, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)

True “beauty” is so much more than what you may see in the mirror. In this full-length , Meg Johnson shares that we all can experience a “spiritual makeover” that will transform into something more beautiful than we can even imagine. (More than a Mirror: Keys to a Spiritual Makeover by Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
If you’ve ever had a garden, you know how amazing it is to watch those plants grow from little seeds to fruit (and vegetable!) bearing plants. But in order to see that growth, you (as the gardener) have to make sure your plants get enough sun and water! In this new Turtle Talk, Meg Johnson shares how our lives are like a garden. And our Heavenly Father is The Master Gardener, who helps us get the “water and Son” we need so we can eventually be “pruned to perfection.” (The Master Gardener, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talk)
In this special Ladies' Night edition of Turtle Talks, 'Redefining PMS", Meg Johnson teaches how we can choose the feels we want to feel...always! (Redefining PMS, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
In "God's Greatest Gifts," Meg Johnson shares how to open our eyes to the many miracles we get BECAUSE we don't get the miracle we asked for. (God's Greatest Gifts, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
Buckle up, Buttercup! It's gonna be a bumpy ride! Turbulence isn't new for any life and sometimes we'd really like to take a smoother flights or take over the controls ourselves...In "The Right Flight", Meg Johnson uses her own love story with her husband to teach how to keep the Savior as your Pilot an feel peace through your turbulent trip that will land you where YOU want to be. (The Right Flight, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
Going through a tough time? Meg Johnson teaches us how to turn trials into triumphs. (Turning Trials into Triumphs, Meg Johnson Turtle Talks)
On your mark...get set...GO! The race is ON and the runners are running...but the race of life isn't won by crossing the finish line first. In this Turtle Talk, Meg shares her own experiences running the race–both literally and figuratively. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose (badly) but when we take the time to slow down and lift others, we'll discover there's a new way to win! (The Race is On, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
Meg takes a lighthearted, fun, and funny look into the ever-surprising consequences of the often awkward actions we take when we follow the Spirit. (When the Spirit Speaks, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal, but you haven’t been sure how to accomplish it? In this new Turtle Talk by Meg Johnson, Meg shares personal stories and examples of ways you can turn your thoughts and dreams into your reality! (Visions of Success: Accomplishing Goals and Reaching Dreams, Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)

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