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Top 4 Episodes for Building Self-Esteem

In a world full of filters and edits and openly-shared opinions, it’s hard to remember that who we are…is good enough.

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to what we see on our handheld screens; to begin to equate our worth with the amount of heart emojis we get on a post or how our body changes from one picture to the next.

Then we begin to think we are not enough…and then we begin to believe it.


You deserve to know that who you are RIGHT NOW is enough.  You deserve to know that you are powerful. You deserve to know that you are loved, and that you have an important purpose that already exists within you.

Simply because you are you.

And simply because Heavenly Father created you.

And those two facts combined make you one of the most amazing beings that has ever existed.

We want you to think that, believe that, and to know that.

As an effort to help you remember, we found some episodes from the Our Turtle House App that we really believe will be helpful for you. Click the following images to watch.

We all have times that we feel like we are not good enough or that we aren't achieving successes in the way that we want to and it's easy to slip into the trap of comparing. Here's a short 3-minute video to teach you how to avoid the comparison trap. (The Comparison Trap, Ganel-Lyn Condie, Armor Up: Daily Devotional)
True “beauty” is so much more than what you may see in the mirror. In this full-length , Meg Johnson shares that we all can experience a “spiritual makeover” that will transform into something more beautiful than we can even imagine. (More than a Mirror: Keys to a Spiritual Makeover by Meg Johnson, Turtle Talks)
How does someone find hope and confidence in the future when they cannot even find hope and confidence in today? Singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks teaches us little ways that we can look forward in faith. (Hope & Confidence in the Future, Hilary Weeks, Digital Firesides)

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