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Understanding The Holy Ghost

What exactly is the Holy Ghost? 

How do I know if the Holy Ghost is speaking to me?

Where can I learn to identify if what I felt was the Holy Ghost or just my own thoughts and feelings?

At some point in our lives, we have all had questions about the Holy Ghost. We’ve all wondered who exactly the Holy Ghost was and how He communicates with us. 

Some of us still do.

And that’s okay.

Our Turtle House’s Hank Smith has recently released a podcast miniseries titled “Understanding The Holy Ghost,” where he addresses some of the most commonly (and not-so-commonly) asked questions about building a relationship with the Spirit.

Hank has tackled the difficult spiritual questions that he has gathered throughout years of teaching and motivational speaking experience and condensed them into 15 enlightening episodes in the Hank Helps Podcast…recorded in a way that your entire family will love to learn from!

Scroll through the images below or open your Our Turtle House App to see the different topics in the “Understanding the Holy Ghost” series.

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