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What Is a “Turtle Talk” & Why Do I Want Tickets?

Remember when you’d drive to the local bookstore just to purchase inspirational talks on CD? Yeah. It’s pretty much like that…in digital form.

Turtle Talks are, in a nutshell, entertaining full-length talks. They’re pretty much a fan favorite. Honestly, they’re consistently top our “most watched videos” on the Our Turtle House App.

They’re also a bit of a fun production from start to finish.

First, the talks are recorded in front of live audiences at our Turtle Talk Events. Listeners are enthralled by the experience of  watching their favorite motivational speakers on stage. Hank Smith, John Bytheway, and Meg Johnson record multiple Turtle Talks each year. In addition, they share the stage with incredible guest speakers at each event. These guests are chosen because they all with uplifting messages to share. At the event, we laugh, we cry, we inspire. Plus, we have loads of fun! Click here to purchase tickets for 2022 Turtle Talk Events.

 Next, comes the editing process. We edit the Turtle Talks into both audio and video. This makes it so you, as members, have the format that fits your lifestyle the very best. Some members like to listen while they work. Others like to watch them together as a family on a quiet Sunday afternoon. We happen to think that any time is Turtle Talk time!

In the final step, our team chooses a talk of the month. Designers create a cover for the talk and then we release it exclusively on the Our Turtle House App. Each new Turtle Talk is then housed on the app forever, along with dozens of other talks that you can stream at any given time!

Check out a few of our most recent Turtle Talk releases, all carefully hand-selected to keep your family entertained and inspired!

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Audrey Baugh spent 15 years of her professional career as an inspirational singer/songwriter and motivational speaker. Now, she happily dedicates her time writing, designing, networking, and managing the marketing content of the Our Turtle House App! Audrey is a wife, a mom, and an avid dog owner who just wants to create pretty things, inspire people, love unconditionally, and eat yummy food.

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