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It’s An OTH App Easter “Egg” Hunt!

Egg-citing for your
whole family!

Get the family together and take them on a virtual Easter Egg hunt with the Our Turtle House App! They’ll LOVE the surprise that discovering each “egg” will bring and you’ll love that each episode has an inspirational message within it.

Part of the fun will be watching to see which motivational speaker will appear on the screen: will it be Hank Smith? John Bytheway? Meg Johnson? or maybe it will be one of our popular Our Turtle House guest speakers? Scan the QR code to find out!

How to play along:

We’ve created a map of 12 Christ-centered episodes (“eggs”) that are hidden throughout the Our Turtle House App and it’s time for you to scramble to find them.

Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Right-click to save and print a copy of the Our Turtle House Easter Egg Map.
2. Scan the QR code to reveal the episode.
3. Watch/listen to the message.
4. Repeat until you’ve completed the hunt!

Don’t have the Our Turtle House App? Download your 7-day FREE TRIAL here! 

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