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Digital Firesides: A Sunday Night Tradition

“Fireside” is a term often used by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to represent a small, inspirational meeting. Here, friends and families gather to listen to gospel-centered messages by prayerfully-selected speakers, followed by some form of yummy treat.

Friends + Inspiration + Treats!?! It’s no wonder everyone looks forward to firesides!

Our Turtle House Digital Firesides

When the pandemic hit in 2020, gatherings were temporarily suspended and most everything went digital. People who enjoy the social aspect of church functions lost connection with those with whom they felt rooted to. Our Turtle House saw the need for community and gathering and created Sunday evening Digital Firesides.

It’s a fireside…and it’s online digitally…so it’s a Digital Fireside!

A Sunday Evening Tradition

Digital Firesides have become a Sunday night tradition to thousands of families across the globe!  We’ve received messages from friends and neighbors who gather together to watch Digital Firesides and many more who share the events on all their social media pages. Many ward and/or youth groups even have Sunday evening “watch parties”.

So gather your group together.

We’ll do ALL of the planning, scheduling, and booking to bring the gospel-centered messages to you. The only thing you need to do is decide whether or not to provide your group’s favorite yummy treat! 

Easy. Peesy.

Join our audience as they gather virtually Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. MT on the Our Turtle House App, Facebook page, and YouTube channel to watch some of your favorite inspirational speakers. From Olympians to authors, and Institute teachers to musicians…a wide variety of popular guests join host Mark Williams as they talk about powerful topics that you, our audience, request.

▶ Have a speaker or topic you’d like to suggest? Let us know! Contact us at:

Audrey Baugh spent 15 years of her professional career as an inspirational singer/songwriter and motivational speaker. Now, she happily dedicates her time writing, designing, networking, and managing the marketing content of the Our Turtle House App! Audrey is a wife, a mom, and an avid dog owner who just wants to create pretty things, inspire people, love unconditionally, and eat yummy food.

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