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When We Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes.

Actually, we all make lots of mistakes.

Why? Because we’re humans. We’re mortals. We’re imperfect beings left to make thousands of decisions on a daily basis. We’re prone to make some bad ones every now and then.

Some mistakes are big and some are small but, not matter the size, the hardest part of making a mistake is forgiving ourselves for making one in the first place

President Howard W. Hunter once said: 

“It has always struck me as being sad that those among us who would not think of reprimanding our neighbor, much less a total stranger, for mistakes that have been made or weaknesses that might be evident, will nevertheless be cruel and unforgiving to themselves. When the scriptures say to judge righteously, that means with fairness and compassion and charity. That’s how we must judge ourselves. We need to be patient and forgiving of ourselves, just as we must be patient and forgiving of others.” (The Teachings of Howard W. Hunter, ed. Clyde J. Williams (1997), 34.)

As hard as it may be, here are some guidelines to keep in mind for when you make a mistake.

  1. Make mistakes.
  2. Learn from them.
  3. Move on.

As hard as it is, that’s what Heavenly Father wants from us. To learn and move forward so we can become more like Him.

We’ve found some episodes from the Our Turtle House App that we believe will help you as you learn to forgive yourself. Click on the picture below to open each episode directly in your Our Turtle House App.

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